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COVID Wedding Planning Guide

Planning to Keep Your Wedding in 2020?

How to plan a less-risky socially-distanced wedding, and still have a great time!

After being in the wedding industry for over 7 years, coordinating close to 500 weddings, and planning my own wedding almost 6 years ago, I've seen and learned a whole lot!

The NYC-based wedding band collective I co-own and manage along with my husband - The Metropolitan Players - has had the pleasure of performing a couple of weddings in the midst of the pandemic. We're on track to play a few more weddings over the course of 2020, and our couples have been asking us for guidance throughout the process.

With a couple COVID weddings under our belt, lots of research and education on the current situation, and attendance at several wedding industry webinars, I wanted to put together a guide to help couples who are deciding to host their weddings this year!

PS: Drew and I put together a video and blog post about planning your wedding during COVID, and you can find that HERE! It's centered on our experience as a band, including ways to still incorporate special moments, dancing, etc. The guide I'm providing here is a bit more broad, and is focused on more aspects of COVID wedding planning than just the music!

Let's be real, planning a wedding is stressful anyway - but planning during a pandemic brings on a whole new level of stress. So I hope this guide will help ease a little bit of the overwhelm, by offering some ideas and insights to make the process just a little smoother!

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COVID Wedding Guide - Erin Coles - PDF
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COVID Wedding Planning Guide - Erin Cole
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If you have any questions, or would like further guidance, feel free to reach out to me directly! You can email me through The Met Players at info@metropolitanplayers.com, or my personal email at erin@proartsmc.com

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Happy COVID Wedding Planning! 💍


Special Thanks to:

Christopher Higgins for designing the guide

Ivana Oakes for proofreading and editing the information

Drew Coles for co-writing the aspects of the guide focused around music

All of the Metropolitan Players couples who have been so wonderful to work with in the midst of a pandemic. You are all gems!


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