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Freelancer Live with Ashley Oken

Ashley Oken Freelancer Live

Thank you to Ashley Oken for joining me today! 🙏🏻 Ashley and I talked about how she got into journalism, her love of teaching and what inspires her, her experience growing up biracial, her advice for freelancers, and so much more!! Ashley is so impressive, thoughtful, and has a wonderful philosophy around teaching. ❤️

Ashley is an NYC-based freelance music journalist, writing for MTV News, Cosmopolitan, and other outlets. 🗞️She's currently in graduate school pursuing her Masters degree in English Education, and she's a reading tutor for homeless and low income students. 💖Ashley's passions include writing, reading, discovering new musicians, and a good bowl of pasta. 🍝 Oh, and she also loves *NSYNC and pop music. 🎵

You can find and follow Ashley on her Instagram, @themillionthashleyyouknow


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