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Freelancer Live with Broghanne Jessamine

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

I had such a great chat with Broghanne Jessamine of Elemental Women Productions!! What a total rockstar and one of the most thoughtful and kind hearted people I know!!! ❤️❤️ You can view the full interview HERE or at the bottom of this post (on YouTube)!

Elizabeth Broghanne Jessamine (goes by Broghanne) is the Owner of Elemental Women Productions and originally from Scotland. Broghanne has worked in Theater, Voice over and Film. Prior to moving to New York, she participated in numerous performing arts cultural festivals throughout Scotland and in Germany to bring theater and performance that explores social issues to a wider audience. In her work as an actor Broghanne found a passion and need to form a company that truly focused on developing and producing womxn's work. Creating a community of womxn artists joined in their need to share the stories and lessons they wanted growing up and so EWP was born.

Here’s where you can learn more, find, donate to, and follow Broghanne and Elemental Women Productions!

➡️ Elemental Women Productions @elementalwomenproductions

➡️ Broghanne’s Personal Instagram @broghannej

➡️ Website:

➡️ Patreon:

➡️ Work with EWP:

➡️ Tickets for Virtual Production of Meet Me At Dawn:

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