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  • Erin Coles

Freelancer Live with Carla Farina

Such a great conversation with Carla, the founder of eddys brand ❤️ You can watch the interview HERE on IGTV or at the bottom of this post on YouTube!

eddys brand is a children’s wear company focused on sustainability through reuse and take back. Please check her out and consider purchasing a sustainable set for a sweet child in your life - everything is on 😍

You can follow eddys brand on Instagram @eddys_brand. We talked about sustainable fashion, how Carla got started in the industry (including a story from her childhood), why she is so passionate about sustainability, and even a little advice for anyone looking to start a business! 🙏🏻 Thank you so much for joining me, Carla!

And here are Carla’s documentary recommendations where you can learn more about waste in fashion and why it’s so important to shop sustainably!! 👕👗

➡️ The True Cost (on Amazon Prime Video)

➡️ River Blue (on Amazon Prime Video)

⬆️ And if you type the title of either of these into Netflix, it brings up some similar documentaries as well! 😊


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