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Freelancer Live with Mariah Martinez

Freelancer Live with Mariah Martinez

Mariah Martinez might look familiar - and that's because I already interviewed her! But this time, we're talking about a new company of hers - The Hemp Dispense!

Such a great convo with Mariah Martinez - partner at The Hemp Dispense ❤️ Mariah dropped a ton of knowledge about CBD, we talked about her journey with the CBD and cannabis industry, how the CBD industry overlooks people of color (and how Mariah is hoping to change the narrative) and she offered some amazing nuggets of advice. 🙏🏻❤️

Mariah Martinez is a partner in The Hemp Dispense, an online CBD and wellness marketplace. She has spent the past 4 years working with businesses in the recreational cannabis and CBD industries, focusing on inclusive marketing and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). She is on the Board of Directors for nonprofit organization Cannabis Patients PNW which aims to provide resources, education, and access to cannabis products for medical patients, health care professionals, educators and the general public. ⠀

Here's where you can find and follow Mariah:




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