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  • Erin Coles

Freelancer Live with Raabia Shafi

Oh my goodness, I’m overwhelmed by Raabia’s awesomeness, kindness, wisdom and everything else!!! 🙏🏻🥰❤️ You can watch the full interview on IGTV or on YouTube!

Raabia Shafi is the CEO & Founder of Raabia Shafi Consulting, a firm that partners with clients to determine how their internal culture impacts the customer experience, improving things from the inside out, starting with leaders. She established her boutique consultancy in 2017 to offer clients three core services that support employee-first, customer-centric team cultures + develop critical professional skills: Culture Change, Coaching, and Leadership Development.

We talked all about her impressive experience, her focus on employee-first and customer-centric leadership, and so much more. I’m seriously going to watch this over all the time. 🙏🏻❤️ So good!

If you missed it, I’d definitely suggest watching this one. Whether you’re a leader or an employee - Raabia’s advice is so powerful!

You can find her on Insta at @raabiashaficonsulting and you can check out her website at ❤️❤️


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