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Freelancer Live with Rebeca Sol

What an awesome conversation with Rebeca Sol 🙏🏻 We talked about having the fear and doing it anyway, focusing on your why, songwriting tips, the power of music, and so much more. Rebeca is so impressive, so please follow along on her journey!! ❤️

Rebeca’s Favorite books:

➡️ Can’t Hurt Me - David Goggins

➡️ Sell or Be Sold - Grant Cardone

➡️ The 10x Rule - Grant Cardone

Rebeca Sol is an accomplished singer, songwriter & musician. Her organic and soulful sound tinged with jazz, neo- soul and R&B provides relaxation as well as inspiration. She plays at night, real estates in the morning and runs her music teaching business in the afternoon!⠀

Here's where you can find and follow Rebeca:

➡️ Music Instagram @rebecasolmusic

➡️ Realty Instagram @rebeccathesingingrealtor


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