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A Little More about Erin Coles!

Hey there!! I’m so happy you’re here - welcome to my blog! I see this as my open online diary, where you can take a closer look into my life (if you so choose)! My plan is to be as open and honest as possible, and share different aspects of my life that you might be able to relate to. If you’re anything like me, I’ve always felt so much comfort in knowing I’m not alone, and that someone else is experiencing some of the same hardships as I am.

I certainly don’t find comfort in knowing that anyone else is experiencing hardships, or has to suffer - because boy oh boy do I wish there was much less suffering going on. I find comfort in knowing that someone is working through their struggles, finding a solution, or figuring out how to persist, even in the hardest times. I find comfort in others’ willingness to help, and offer advice when tough situations arise.

You’ll find that I’m a big fan of camaraderie, friendship, community, and helping others. I’ve found that by being vulnerable, and sharing parts of my life I might otherwise be afraid to share, the door is open for conversation.

My hope is that by sharing my own story, I can help you feel like you’ve got a friend and a companion in this thing called life. Hopefully this will help you feel like you’re not alone, because hey - you’re not alone.

So What’s My Story?

Before I say too much - I want to mention that I have the tendency to be long-winded when I write, so strap in! And if you don’t feel like reading the whole thing - no worries. Skimming is totally fine. ;)

I'm from a teeny tiny town called Waddington, NY. I've always been a small town girl at heart, with BIG dreams.

Me playing Belle in a local theater production of Beauty and the Beast
Playing Belle in a local production of Beauty & The Beast

Growing up, I wanted to be on Broadway more than anything. I wanted to sing, dance, and perform for as many people as possible. But I also wanted my hands in the business side of things. I loved to be on leadership teams and took as many opportunities as I could to be in the decision-making seat throughout my high school career.

When it came time to apply to college programs, I was so excited to visit musical theater programs, and set up some tours with my Mom who was a guidance counselor at my school. We went to tour one school in particular, only to find out that if I got into the musical theater program, I wouldn't be allowed to take ANY classes outside of my major. Definitely nothing over at the business school. I was told that it was only with that much hard work and focused dedication that I would get to Broadway, or have any chance at a performance career.

I understood the dedication that was needed, but wasn't very happy. Why couldn’t I do BOTH? I truly felt totally capable of being able to handle both. And why would I focus THAT hard on such an uncertain career? I knew I’d have to hustle, hard, only to live an uncertain existence from paycheck to paycheck, without any idea how I’d pay the next month’s rent.

So I totally switched gears, and decided to apply to journalism schools - hah! I’m laughing now, because that was just my desperate attempt to still be “in front of the camera” or in the spotlight somehow, without the uncertainty of a performance career.

My College A Cappella Group - The Potsdam Pitches

So, I ended up at a state school (hello financial crisis of 2008, when I started college), with my major undeclared. I finally decided that I’d get 2 degrees and a minor while in school - a Bachelor of Science in Business, and a Bachelor of Arts in Theater with a minor in Art Therapy. So that’s what I did - all the while thrusting myself into as many extracurricular activities, work opportunities, and leadership roles as I possibly could. I worked 2 part-time administrative jobs on campus for two different offices, I sang alto in an a cappella group where I took on leadership positions (Event Manager, President, etc.), I was part of the Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA), performed in several musicals, and so much more. Boy was I thrilled I didn’t end up choosing ONE thing. That’s just not my way!

So what happened next?

Flash forward 4 and a half years (December 2012), and college was over! I was happily engaged to my now hubby, Drew Coles. I was studying for the LSAT with big plans of heading to law school, and was preparing to move to NYC, where Drew was already living.

Drew Proposing to Me in our College Theater

At the end of the semester, before the move to NYC, Drew came up to see me, and spend Christmas with my family. On my birthday, December 24th - I woke up and couldn’t move. I could hardly walk, and couldn’t do basic things like put my hair in a ponytail, or zip up my pants. I’ll write a whole post on this later, so I’ll spare the full details for another time, but it was rough!

So I moved to NYC, got a job within 2 weeks, totally bombed my LSAT within 2 months, was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease within 4 months, started a company with my husband Drew (then fiancé) within 5 months, quit my job within 18 months to run our business full time, and got married within 21 months. That entire couple of years was a whirlwind!

Oooo, tell me more!

Ok - so flash forward again to now! I live up in beautiful, vibrant Washington Heights, NYC with Drew. We’ve been in business for 7 years together (as of this post), have 7 employees, and have about 50 musicians on our roster. I am on the leadership team for two female-entrepreneur focused organizations, Million Dollar Women and We Are Women Owned (which I LOVE). Drew and I are planning to start a family within the next couple of years (that includes a baby, and possibly a puppy as well). We have big goals and plans for our family, our business, and for ourselves individually.

Our wedding band, The Met Players, in action!

Between running a business, maintaining a life in NYC, attempting to manage my autoimmune disease, changing my diet, focusing on my passions, trying to make time for self-care, maintaining a healthy relationship with my hubby, and still trying to find time for friends, family, and free time - I’ve got A LOT of stories. There have been a lot of highs, and a lot of lows - and I’m thrilled to share it all with you!

What is this blog, even?

I hope to share some of the major aspects of my life including some of the following:

  • Marriage/Relationship stories and advice

  • Entrepreneurship stories, struggles, and successes (including working with your spouse)

  • Life with an autoimmune disease/chronic illness

  • Resources, advice, and support for female founders

  • Excitement, fears, and thoughts on future plans (like kiddos, or big money moves!)

  • Focusing on mindset - and how it’s made a huge impact on my life

And hey - nothing is set in stone! So if you like what you see, or feel like there’s something missing - let me know! I’m here to support you! Not only do I find it therapeutic to share - I get immense joy from helping others, and want to ensure what I’m sharing is actually helping you in some way.

So thank you again for finding your way here! I’m excited to see you, and can’t wait to learn more about you! Please share why you're here, and what you need in the comments below!!


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