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The Love Union Vendor Panel

On Tuesday, June 16th, 2020 I had the pleasure of speaking on a panel of wedding vendors for wedding vendors! The Love Union hosted a panel called Vendor to Vendor - An Honest Talk among leading professionals. We spoke about our businesses, the pandemic, our cancellation/postponement policies, contracts, pivoting, and so much more.

The Love Union described the panel as follows:

Through our current world wide pandemic and quarantine state, most everything remains uncertain. Which makes these current times so important to unite and come together, elevate our communities' knowledge, and raise awareness to questions and concerns from our community. We have hand picked an exquisite board of leading industry professionals to lead us through discussions + dialogue. It's our time to INSPIRE! The future of our social climate begins now with adjusting to the new normal. It begins with YOU! No matter how difficult these times are, keeping a positive attitude is key! We must all remember… it is not about where we are, but in fact where we are going.

I was so honored to be included along with so many amazing vendors, and wanted to share the video for other wedding vendors to watch!

PS: This video starts at 1:32:13 when I speak - but you're welcome to watch the whole thing from the beginning if you'd like! It's a great thing to put on in the background while you're working on other light projects!

Just a little more info for you!

I also wanted to provide a bit more information about The Love Union, as well as the incredible panelists involved!

The Love Union started as a 4-day Curated Creative Conference featuring hand picked discussion panels, crafternoons, and activities that offer an experience for wedding vendors to reconnect with the art of their work.

The Love Union was created by Gowanus Hospitality Group for people who want to develop and grow their business, connect with their community, and learn new skills in a fun, relaxed "Work-Cation" environment.

When COVID-19 hit, they wanted to create a community and resources for wedding vendors to connect, share, and support each other.

Vendor to Vendor Panelists

Panelists in order from Top left

Georgi Richardson, Panel Moderator & Founder of Maggie Marguerite Studio

David Perlman, Founder of David Perlman Photography

Amanda O’Callaghan, Founder & Lead Planner of The Union Studio

Akiva Reich, Founder of Gowanus Hospitality Group

Alexandra Townsend, Sales and Marketing Manager with Gowanus Hospitality Group

Gary Hoffman, Founder of 74 Events

Marcey Brownstein, Founder of Marcey Brownstein Catering & Events

Hannah Sharkey, Lead Designer and Founder of Hudson Botanica

Kymberle Joseph, Director of Rentals & Event Planning at Prospect Park Alliance

Erin Coles (me, not pictured), Co-Founder and Manager of The Metropolitan Players

Helbraun // Levy (not pictured) - Helbraun Levey is NY’s premier full-service law firm focused on the legal and licensing needs of the hospitality industry

Thanks for watching, and a special thanks to The Love Union for having me, and to Amanda O'Callaghan for thinking of me!


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